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I'm Michael

I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist and I'm deeply interested in what it is to live fully. In my work as a therapist, I recognise the contribution of physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual factors to health and wellbeing.

My therapeutic influences include wisdom traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Yoga and more recent understandings of psychology and healing, such as Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Person-centred, Somatic, and Transpersonal psychotherapy.

Rather than use a recipe for therapy, I select from, and weave together different approaches depending on your needs. However, the foundation of my work rests on the quality of our therapeutic relationship. It provides a container for the unfolding of being, which may have been interrupted by developmental or traumatic events, or by other life-transitions such as grief and loss, illness or a search for meaning.

Though sometimes challenging, it can be reassuring to know that re-connecting with who you truly are, happens in its own time, and is never more than you are ready for. Therapy can also be at times creative, playful, even humorous; the particular form is unique, emerging as two people cultivate and nurture a safe space.

My own personal therapy has been an integral part of my journey and so I understand that, for some, coming to therapy can feel scary or daunting. Whatever feelings you are having, you can bring those with you to therapy; every part of you is welcome.

Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions.

My experience

I’ve worked therapeutically for over 25 years in mental health settings including recovery-focused psychological/social support, palliative care, employment, rehabilitation and private practice.                  
I’ve published peer-reviewed research in the field of health psychology and I have an abiding meditation practice.  


B.A. in Communication

Graduate of Hakomi Integrative Psychology

Master of Human Services (Rehabilitation Counselling)

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) (Honours, First Class)

Master of Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist


Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

Fellow of the Australian College of Clinical Psychologists

“Healing is a revolutionary act and
we are here to awaken 
to the true nature
of our own souls and the
gifts we have
to give to the world.”

― Michael Meade
John Doe